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Market Scenario For Company's Product

The most popular and the largest produced oilseed in the world is soybean. It has got the support of wide variety of climates and soils and that is why it is considered to be the most economical crop and has a good worth. Before 2nd world war, soybean was not considered an important crop and thus was not used on a large scale. But after the war, it rose up as one of the most important crop of the world

Soybean production constitutes around 55% of the total world production of oilseeds and figures around 170-185 million tons. The production of soybean has showed an increase of 5.35% during the last 10 years. Around 30% of the world’s total produce is traded annually

World Soyabean usage and ending stock with comparison from 2007/08 to 2013/14

Soybeans are the valuable highly profitable agricultural crop, which popularity continues increasing, due to its high nutritive properties. To date, soybeans attract the world market attention with the production indices of the crop showing the stable upward trend. According to estimations of Oil World analysts, in the season-2011/12 the global soybean production totaled 239.39 mln tonnes. At the same time, the TOP-5 producers included the USA (84.19 mln tonnes), Brazil (66.38 mln tonnes), Argentina (39.9 mln tonnes), China (13.9 mln tonnes) and India (10.6 mln tonnes). As for the general production of the oilseed in 2012/13 FY in the world, experts forecast rising of the index to 269.55 mln tonnes. In particular, the USA will produce 82.05 mln tonnes, Brazil - 81.5 mln tonnes, Argentina - 52 mln tonnes, China - 12.6 mln tonnes and India - 11 mln tonnes.

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